9am - 3pm
1 Day Course
All Equipment Provided
Ages 9+

Course Description

Ready to build your own worlds in Roblox? This course is your ticket to becoming a young game developer! With Roblox Studio, the sky’s the limit.
You’ll design awesome obstacle courses—aka “Obbys”—with cool checkpoints and wacky moving barriers. And the best part? You’ll get to play your creations with buddies and maybe even brag a little (just a little!).

Who Can Join?

This course is perfect for kids who:

🌐Have dreams of crafting their own games
🌐Might have tinkered with Roblox or other game-making tools
🌐Are new to the whole “programming” thing but are curious and excited

Skills You’ll Level Up

🎨 Creativity: Unleash your imagination in game worlds
🧱 Level Design: Craft stages and challenges that others will love (or maybe love to hate)
🕹️ Game Design: Learn the secrets of what makes games fun
🔧 Physics Simulation: Make things move and shake with real-world rules
🧠 Spatial Reasoning: Get a feel for spaces and how players move through them
💻 Roblox Studio: Master the tools that bring games to life
✍️ Scripting: Give your games superpowers with code
🌐 Lua: Dive into the coding language that powers all things Roblox

Ready to create, play, and share in the Roblox universe? Let’s make it happen!

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Check out our other courses!