9am - 3pm
1 Day Course
All Equipment Provided
Ages 9+

Course Description

Hey there, young inventors! Ready to become a master robot builder? Join our Lego robotics course and transform those bricks into clever little robots that follow your every command!


Build, Program, Play!

Team up with new friends and bring your wild ideas to life using Lego and our super cool Spike Essentials. Create robots that can do real tasks! Need to rescue a teddy bear or sort your candy by color? There’s a robot for that, and you’ll make it!

Learn with the Pros

Our STEMSmart leaders are like wizard teachers – they know all the secret spells to make robots move and shake. They’ll show you the magic of coding and how to fix any robot hiccups (we call that “debugging”)!

Power-Up Skills

💻 Coding: Learn the language that robots understand

🛠️ Engineering: Build robots that can do amazing things

🤔 Critical Thinking: Solve tricky challenges like a pro

🎨 Creative Thinking: Dream up and create anything you imagine

🧩 Problem Solving: Figure out cool solutions to fun puzzles

🤖 Robotic Systems: Discover how to make a bunch of parts work together

Ready to jump into the world of robots and make your ideas come to life? Let’s start building!

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Check out our other courses!