9am - 3pm
2 Day Course
All Equipment Provided
Ages 9+

Course Description

Ready to be the next YouTube superstar? Join our “Content Creator for YouTube” course and dive into the awesome world of video making! Whether you love telling stories, showing off your gaming skills, or sharing cool science experiments, this course is for you! Our friendly instructors will show you how to make videos that everyone will love watching. You’ll learn how to come up with fun ideas, make neat videos, and even do some movie magic with editing!

Important Note for Parents of Younger Creators

For students under 13, it’s essential that a parent or guardian assists in setting up YouTube Studio. This ensures a safe and compliant environment for young creators to begin their exciting journey in content creation. A step-by-step tutorial can be found here.

Skills Developed

  • Becoming a YouTube Wizard
  • Making Videos That Wow Your Friends
  • Learning the Magic Behind Video Making
  • Cool Editing Tricks
  • Growing Your Confidence and Creativity

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Check out our other courses!