9am - 3pm
1 Day Course
All Equipment Provided
Ages 9+

Course Description

Hey future coding heroes! Ready to play Minecraft in a whole new way? Our ‘Coding with Minecraft’ course is like a secret mission into the world of computer science, all inside the Minecraft universe.

Minecraft + Coding = Super Fun

Jump into Minecraft’s world where your missions need coding superpowers! You’ll use coding to solve puzzles and build amazing stuff in the Minecraft world.

Team Up, Create, and Share

You won’t just play Minecraft. You’ll team up with pals, create cool projects, and even show off your amazing coding work. Customize your game, chat about your goals, and solve challenges together!

Safe and Fun Learning Zone

Our virtual Minecraft classroom is like your own private gaming room – only you and your classmates can join. It’s all about having safe fun while learning to code.

Skills You’ll Level Up

    • 🧩 Sequencing: Putting steps in the right order (like a treasure map!)
    • 🤖 Programming: Making the Minecraft world do what you want
    • 🧠 Critical Thinking: Solving tricky problems like a detective
    • 🎯 Problem Solving: Finding cool ways out of tough spots
    • 🌐 Spatial Reasoning: Figuring out spaces and directions
    • 🐞 Debugging: Catching and fixing sneaky little code bugs

Are you ready to turn your Minecraft play into a coding power-up session? Let’s dive in!

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Check out our other courses!