What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit and Debit Cards
We currently accept any credit or debit card with a MasterCard, Visa or American Express Logo.

Why isn’t my login working?

If you forget your login details for a course, please find them via your inbox or feel free to email us at info@bestemsmart.com.au.

My child will not be six years old at the start of the course, can they still attend?

We can only provide our courses to children who will be six or older on the first day of the course. Unfortunately we do not have any flexibility for this particular requirement.

Do I need to bring any equipment?

Students are welcome to bring their own headphones or earphones. Students attending a full-day course should bring a packed lunch. We provide snacks during the day but your child may want to bring their own if they have any serious allergies.

Students are welcome to bring their own laptop devices as long as they have the required software up to date and installed. This is also a fantastic way to support students to continue working on their projects at home. We do however provide laptops or computers for all classes they are required for. If your child would like to take their project home we recommend bringing a usb to store the project files on.

Other specialist equipment is normally provided although we are happy to recommend what equipment is worth investing in for students interested in continuing the adventure outside the classroom.

Will my 9 year old be working with 17 year olds?

All of the courses are designed with a particular age range in mind and we are often able to split larger groups into smaller groups based on their age range. Usually the age span in a group working with one specific tutor is no more than 2 to 3 years.

What about disruptive kids?

It is very important to us that all students have the opportunity to have fun and to get the most out of STEMSmart classes. Of course we know that kids can be playful and we want this to be a fun environment, very different from school.  We will do our best to engage kids who may find their attention wandering, who may be less keen on one particular activity, or who are due for a run-around outside.

We cannot, however, permit kids to disrupt the class experience for other kids. Tutors will first let the disruptive child know that their behaviour is not appropriate and that it is hindering other kids from enjoying the programme.  If the problem persists it will escalate to the course director, who will decide whether we need to call the parents. Children who are destructive with our equipment or setting, or who prevent other kids from benefitting from the camp will be suspended or expelled from the programme. This is something we avoid doing at all costs, but it is important that we provide all of our students and their families with a productive and safe environment.

Will I get to see what my kids are doing?

For holiday workshops, parents are invited to arrive 30 minutes before the session ends for a casual showcase of the day’s activities. For after-school clubs, caretakers are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes before class ends and discover what all the fun has been about.

You are always welcome to check in with tutors at the end of the course, and we regularly update our Facebook, YouTube and blog with news of recent workshops and courses (with permission before publishing any photographs).

Can I cancel my course for a refund?

As per our Terms & Conditions:

5. Cancellation

5.1. In the event of cancellation by you, a credit will only be issued if such cancellation is notified in writing to STEMSmart at least one month before the commencement of the Course. An administration charge of $100 per week per child will be deducted from the credit. No refunds will be issued and bookings cancelled in the last month prior to the date of the class will not be reimbursed.

5.2. If, for any reason, the Course is cancelled by STEMSmart, the total liability of STEMSmart will not exceed that proportion of the Fees STEMSmart have actually received.

5.3. Fees are non-returnable for students arriving late, leaving early or missing a day of Course (whether on account of illness or any other cause). If the course has been booked, then the full fees are payable.

How can I be sure my child leaves the class with the right person?

During course registration, parents will indicate who is authorised to pick up the children. That person will need to show ID to sign the children out. Parents can change the authorised person if necessary by getting in touch with STEMSmart on 1300 347 383.

There is also an option during the booking process where you can indicate if an older child has permission to leave on their own.

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