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STEMSmart steps onboard as Official Learning Destination

STEMSmart, previously known as Fire Tech Australia, recently discovered through the Joondalup Learning Community a fantastic organisation nurturing kids’ self-learning journeys, independence and success.

The Children’s University Edith Cowan Program (CU ECU) provides extra-curricular learning opportunities for children aged between 7-14 years (and 5-6 year old’s with their families) and volunteer opportunities for 15-18 year old’s; “the aim is to engage children and young people in learning in its broadest sense and to provide the scaffolding for them to develop self-efficacy, confidence and aspirations”.

Children’s University Australia fosters wellbeing by promoting ‘free range learning’, encouraging children to try out new activities, discover new passions, visit new places and above all have fun.

Kids collect hours on their learning passport which are signed off by independent, quality assured learning destinations. Credits are accumulated, and when they reach the hours needed to graduate from CU ECU, children are awarded with certificates at a formal graduation ceremony which will be held at ECU Joondalup Campus.

Celebrating self-lead learning experiences.
Celebrating self-lead learning experiences.

Graduation levels range from Bronze Award level for 30 hours of learning to Doctorate for 1000 hours of learning. Students aged 15-18 years are issued with a passport to Volunteering to encourage them to participate in CU ECU by volunteering to run clubs, assist with graduations and events, become role models to younger students etc.

In Perth WA, Edith Cowan University is CUA’s partnered university and STEMSmart is excited to continue growing our relationship with the School of Engineering in this new dimension. STEMSmart’s school holiday workshops, after-school clubs and co-curricular school activities are all available to build credit towards kid’s graduation celebrations.

A Children's' University Learning Passport in Action.
A Children’s’ University Learning Passport in Action.

“The ethos of Children’s University Australia drives kids to engage with learning in an active role… It’s a very natural fit for us to promote and support CUA‘s work”, STEMSmart’s leader Andrea Conte had to say. “We look forward to further exploring the value between our engagement with digital technology, CUA to promote the environment around learning and technology, and ECU as a continuation and destination on that journey. Particularly in such an inspirational space such as the campus at Joondalup.”

And his thoughts on joining with CUA-ECU: “We already aim to provide an environment where kids set their own definitions of success and encourage “flearning” – active learning through clever mistakes. Becoming an Official Learning Destination means that we can add an additional reward to kids’ learning journeys, and further inspire them to continue on the path to tertiary education.”

For us at the STEMSmart Team, Children’s University Australia provides a strong stepping stone in the journey from the “now” or the position of the child at School, to their future – as part of our next-generation workforce. For our growing engineering and ICT industries, tertiary education is a strong goal for any wanting to further their academic skill set and succeed in an evolving digital world.

“For kids in the future world of Tech it’s about not just consuming and using everyday technology, but producing and innovating, and being inspired to build and feed that curiousity.” says STEMSmart’s Leader.

To the kids and team who are all a part of Children’s University Australia – Keep up the great work! We’re here to support you on your journey.

For more information on how to get your school involved with CUA’s ECU program contact the CUA team.

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