Top 5 tips for making a strong password

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Gone are the days of password123 or using your pets’ name in your passwords, with hacked accounts becoming more frequent. It’s time to update your passwords and ensure your data is secure and we have five tips to help you create a strong password.


The longer the password the better. Hackers frequently use a method called ‘brute force attack’ where a computer program with run through every possible letter, number and symbol in order to track your password. The longer and more creative the password, the longer it will take the computer program to hack your password.

Using phases or random words that don’t make sense is even better.


Letters, numbers, capitals, and symbols. These are your friend when it comes to creating a strong password. Using a mixture will ensure your password is harder to hack.

Try using the number 3 for an E, or ! for the number 1, etc.


Sorry to say but birthdays, important dates, location, year, pets’ names or any personal information that can be found on social media is a big NO. The less personal you can make the password the better.


This tip is to protect your other accounts if get hacked somewhere else. Often what happens is your email and password will be leaked online under compromised lists. This means other hackers and scammers can get access to your other accounts using the same password.


Don’t write it on a piece of paper, or take a photo, or leave somewhere visible, or tell anyone your password. Be sure to watch your surroundings when putting in a password. Ensuring no one is looking over your shoulder if you’re in a public place.

We know these tips sound overwhelming but setting up a hint sheet might help you keep track of all your passwords. A hint sheet is a document where you list all the accounts you have and provide hints only you would understand for each password.

Or you could try a password manager. This is a service that will auto-generate your passwords and store them in an encrypted location that can be accessed with a master password, just be sure not to forget the master password.

We hope these tips help you rethink your current passwords and create strong new passwords to secure your data.

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We have changed to STEMSmart!


Fire Tech Australia is changing. We’re excited to announce our new name, STEMSmart.

We would like to thank Fire Tech CEO Jill Hodges for her continuous support over the past six years. We would not be where we are today without her and her team.

The future requires us to be STEM ready, which is why we are moving towards a deeper focus on STEM education in the APAC market.

This new chapter has the STEMSmart team very excited, and we cannot wait to share more with you in the future.

We are STEMSmart.


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STEMSmart introduces BYOD

BYOD Banner

STEMSmart is proud to announce that for the January school holidays we will be offering BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

By bringing your own device you will receive a discount on the course.

BYOD will be offered at All Saint’s College and Perth College in the January School holidays.

We have a few requirements for the BYOD

  1. The device should be a laptop, not a tablet or phone
  2. Have access to a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge)
  3. Be able to access the internet
  4. No older than 4 years

If you’re using a work laptop, please call our help desk on 1300 347 383.

For Mac users please ensure your child has access to the main admin account.

All Windows laptops should have Windows 10 installed.

If you have any questions about your device or requirements, please call our help desk on 1300 347 383.